You can find additional general information on this page: the position of the Court on the map of the City of Belgrade, the address of the seat of the Court which you can use to submit motions, telephone numbers you can use to establish contact with the staff of the Court and receive certain information related to a pending case in the capacity of a party, as well as information about the fax numbers used by the Court and e-mail address through which you can address the Court in relation to matters under its jurisdiction.

Address: Nemanjina St. 9, Belgrade, Serbia

00-381-11-360-4606 Central of the Court
00-381-11-360-4607 Central of the Court
00-381-11-363-5495 Office of the President of the Court
00-381-11-363-5531 Secretary of the Court
00-381-11-363-5516 Head of the Court Registry Office
00-381-11-363-5065 Chief of the Civil Registry Section
00-381-11-363-5007 Chief of the Criminal Registry Section


00-381-11-360-4605 Office of the President of the Court
00-381-11-360-4602 Secretary of the Court
00-381-11-360-4604 Service for Financial and Material Affairs
00-381-11-360-4603 Criminal Registry Office


Please direct your written correspondence to the address of the Registry Office:

Supreme Court of Cassation
Nemanjina St. 9
11 000 Belgrade, Serbia